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Instructions: dpf-gun-image

The engine should not be warm in any case. The particular filter should be hand warm to reach the most effective cleaning.

1. Remove differential pressure tube on the engine side and slip the WEPP adaptor tube over the differential pressure tube 2. Fill pressure cup spray gun with 500ml WEPP 2232 DPF – Direct – Cleaner 3. Insert the tube into the differential pressure tube and spray in intervals in the direction of the honeycombs 4. Clean the spray gun immediately after use with clean water 5. Inform the vehicle electronic that a new filter has been mounted, otherwise the engine will not start 6. Perform 10 minutes after the cleaning a 15-20 minutes test drive and start the regeneration of the DPF manually with a tester. Drive until the regeneration has been finished successfully 7. To get a measurable result, control the charging before and after the cleaning process of the diesel particular filte