Super Rust – Remover Active

P R O D U C T  I N F O R M A T I O N



WEPP 2246 Super Rust-remover active


WEPP 2246 Super Rust-remover active is a modern agent for fastest demounting. Resin and acid free. Expressly dissolves and infiltrates rust. Optimal and highly effective with corrosion at light and non-ferrous metal. Neutral against rubbers and plastics. Allows to start with the disassembling immediately.




  • extreme penetration and infiltration effect
  • an optimum lubrication prevents rupturing the bolts or screws
  • eliminates entrapped moisture
  • allows to start with the demounting immediately



Application range:


At demounting of rusty screws, bolts, exhausts etc. Cleaning of all oxidized parts like cylinder locks, door stoppers etc.





Spray corroded parts well and begin with the disassembling immediately.



Content: 400 ml



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